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Carlos and Hortencia Dunn, Founders and Directors, Stronger Wings


Carlos was born and raised in Chattanooga, Tennessee. He moved to Atlanta, Georgia in 1984 and was a Process Engineer for a major Fortune 200 company before his retirement in 2017.

September 18, 2018 – Today is a sad day for Stronger Wings. Our co-founder and friend, Carlos Dunn is now at peace after his brave battle with pancreatic cancer.
To read condolences and leave messages, go to Facebook Hortencia Landin-dunn .

Hortencia was born in Cerro de Ortega and grew up in Colima, Mexico, attended University in Guadalajara and became a teacher. She moved to Atlanta, Georgia in 1986 and became an American Citizen in 1990.  Carlos and Hortencia met in Atlanta, Georgia in 1995. They were married in 2001 and have a home in Colima, Mexico.

They founded Stronger Wings in 2010 after learning that three, 4.0 high school students in the small village of Cerro de Ortega, Mexico would not be able to attend College because they could not afford tuition, housing, and other related school expenses. Using their own money and resources, Carlos and Hortencia have now sponsored more than 15 girls, three of which have graduated with honors from the University of Colima and are now working in in their respective fields of study.

Every penny of every donation Carlos and Hortencia receives goes directly to help these girls.

Help these amazing girls with a generous donation today.

Donations with PayPal to: StrongerWings@aol.com


Con la asistencia de un gran equipo de voluntarios! (Assisted by a great team of volunteers!)


Dra Gabriela Vazquez Esparza

Coordinadora de Eventos Comunitarios, y Gestion Social(Coordinator of Community Events and Social Management)

Ramon Alejos Diaz

Coordinador de Asuntos Legales y Contabilidad(Coordinator of Legal and Accounting Services)

Ivan Garcia Lopez
Representante Legal
(Legal Representative)

Ma Julieta Torres Ruelas
Reclutadora de Estudiantes
(Student Recruiter)

Teresa (Terre) Gonzales Torres

Shaperone(Away-From-Home Mom)

Sandra Mackey

Estados Unidos Emisario  (United States Emissary)


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